• We provide appropriate staff according to your requirements and current needs, thanks to an extensive database.

    Main advantages for the employer:

    • easy communication
    • standardized and simple contractual relationship
    • a broad portfolio of suitable employees

    The basic idea of temporary assignment of employees is mainly the use of flexible manpower according to your current needs. If you need to employ a certain number of workers for a limited period of time, or you need to react flexibly to production volume and the demands of your business partners and customers, the service is for you a practical basis to satisfy market demands, production and productivity.

    Temporary staff allocation is a complex service that relieves you from the hassle of advertising vacancies, from interviews, from recruiting new employees, but also from layoffs, while you can guaranteeing fulfill your obligations for your business partners.

    Our company writes and concludes an employment contract with the successful tenderer, then placed him to a particular client (employer) and from the position of the employer we pay the employee agreed remuneration for the work performed. We care about our employees in the course of their work to you, communicate with them and help them with any problems.

    You have staff available when you need it, and because of this you know to save considerable funds.

    Mediation workforce

    In the first place we assess your needs and requirements. On the basis of these findings we will produce accurate and detailed job description for a specific job, and on that basis we will specify the selection employee profile.

    In order to make the most successful and most accurate selection of a suitable candidate based on the requirements of our clients, we use also other methods of selection, which support the decision to choosing, for example personality tests, proficiency tests or psychological tests.

    Through our adverts, we have an impact on a large number of job seekers, our database is constantly expanded by personal or on-line registration. On this basis, you can count on a quick selection of staff to the desired post. For our services we charge in the event of success.

  • Leasing workforce

    Benefits of leasing the workforce are primarily flexibility, comprehensiveness, services tailored precisely to the company clients, saving time and thus cash resources.

    For each of our partners is available HR team which contains three-person, in case of labor leasing:

    • HR Coordinator,
    • HR Assistant,
    • employment officer.

    In the case of the use of leasing workforce through our company we provide some discounts for the use of our other services. You can also benefit from our comprehensive expertise in each labor and employment area.

    Through leasing the workforce we will relieve you from the risks and provide the following benefits:

    • costs related to the recruitment and selection of employers we take over for you,
    • we fully perform all administrative tasks and obligations relating to the employment relationship,
    • carry out administrative activities relating to staff from conclusion employment contracts until the termination of employment,
    • our coordinator solves problems and questions of staff related to labor relations and employment,
    • we provide our clients personnel and legal advice, inspection of labor protection, which help our clients avoid fines from the supervisors,
    • about our services and labor costs of all employees we create a VAT invoice cost.

    Be modern also in planning the potential workforce. We provide you with the most appropriate staff for various positions in the field:

    • electrotechnical industry,
    • electronic industry,
    • manufacture of furniture,
    • food,
    • automotive industry and production of automotive components,
    • welding,
    • metal cutting,
    • painting,
    • auto – plumbing,
    • in other areas under the agreement and your requirements.