About us

  • GYIQ Ltd. is a company which operates in the field of providing services to clients, particularly in the area of blue-collar works. We provide our clients a comprehensive service aimed at maximum satisfaction to the customer.

    GYIQ Ltd. is a Slovak company with a good knowledge of the local market, allowing to respond flexibly to the needs of our partners and by individual approach of our consultants to our clients we strive to differentiate from the competition.

    Use our services allow our clients to address the full scope of its business and thus gain an advantage over the competition.

    The mission of GYIQ Ltd. is the convergence of labor supply and labor demand mostly on the Slovak market. Our priority is to meet the requirements of both sides with maximum satisfaction.

    We are focused on the area of personnel consulting in search and selection for our clients. Why can you choose us?

    • we provide specialized services at a high level,
    • our primary goal is complete customer satisfaction,
    • we distinguish mainly above-standard care for our clients and employees on the market,
    • our strengths are reliability, professionalism and flexibility,
    • we strive to create the best conditions for employees,
    • we strictly adhere to laws and regulations relating to employment law, health and safety protection at work and environmental protection.

    Constantly changing economic and business environment with reference to the market competition often require quick, or even immediate decisions and actions of each company. This is the reason of the being of our company, which will facilitate the process of recruitment and it will increase the guarantee of your success.

  • Our company will help you professionally and legal security mode to ensure full service in salaries, staff resources, administration, staff leasing, brokering and recruitment.

    Our high expertise and of course the knowledge of our partners, provide competitive solutions that comply with the law. In personal counseling, in resolving labor issues in setting up systems, for example in providing food, benefits and incentive schemes for employees, we proceed according to your requirements, in accordance with the law and more than professionally.

    Our specialists are working in personnel services for several years, so they have the necessary practical experiences. However, despite this fact, we are trying to develop their current knowledge and professional skills. We train and test them in vocational training and through various training courses and conferences.

    Of course, in addition to the above activities, we can provide technical cooperation in ensuring fire safety, occupational safety and health at work, an occupational physician from the Department of Health, psychologist, lawyer and mediator, through our partners and collaborators.

    Our services in the area of the recruitment, selection and provision of personnel are paid according to the success and of course we do not expect exclusive mandates, because we are well aware of the market situation.